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Daniela Popescu - President

Daniela Popescu , now, President of the Romanian Federation of Associations, Centres and Clubs for UNESCO. He is an expert on Romanian National Commission for UNESCO. In 1998 gave a presentation on the establishment of the European Federation of UNESCO Clubs in Florence, Italy. Of 2007 was elected representative of Europe and North America Executive Board of the World Federation of Associations, Centres and Clubs for UNESCO. Regarding the work of the President of the Club Alumnus, internationally coordinated, various education programs for museums under the auspices of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs.

Mihaela VARGA - Vice President

Mihaela Varga (born on 15 January 1952, la Sighisoara,Mures) professional sociologist and historian of arts. He graduated in sociology, University of Bucharest , profile Sociology of Culture and Education (1971-1975), and subsequently obtaining a doctorate in "Trade twentieth century art in Romania", coordinated work Buzatu (2006).

Over time was custodian of Brasov County Museum National Museum of Art of Romania, Deputy Director of the National Museum Cotroceni, and member of the Artists Union of Romania, critical section.

Of 1994 been involved in creating several NGOs such as UNESCO Club - Romania, Romanian Federation for Associations , Centre and Clubs for UNESCO and, also is a founding member of the Club Alumnus for UNESCO, established in 2000.

Adelina POPESCU - Secretariat General

Adelina Popescu graduated in History, University of Craiova and also obtained his degree in Literary and Linguistic Studies at the University of Sorbonne, Paris. In 2009 obtained a Master's degree in Economics from the Sorbonne University. In present, is treasurer of EFUCA, European Federation of Associations, Centres and Clubs for UNESCO ( a federation with 22 de dance Membre) and Secretary General of the UNESCO Club Alumnus. In recent years devoted, also, organizing and coordinating projects for youth education and culture.

Marios GKIALOS - Music coordinator , moviemaker, scenarist.


Mario started playing the guitar since high school and has since written over 70 songs in Greek and English. Also, participated in several concerts as part of several bands , as soloist, guitarist or bassist , depending on the needs of each band , adapting to any situation. A participat la workshopul Metamorfoze II, as music coordinator, and the Metamorphosis III, here appeared in several scenes of the film created especially for this project. Now, Alumnus Club is music coordinator for UNESCO.


Alumnus Club is an organization created in the year 2000, that gathers for more than a decade and a half members from 10 countries.
Alumnus Club is part of the Romanian federation of UNESCO Associations and Clubs, and implicitly of the World and European Federations for UNESCO. The club is formed mainly by young students, and its aim is to offer its members the opportunity to get involved in projects aimed at developing their experience in the selected field of study.
Through its UNESCO affiliation, the Alumnus Club has access to an important network of information regarding the activities developed in domains such as education, science, culture and communication.
The main purpose of the organization is that of training young people in a multicultural manner, through projects that aim at involving them in activities that encourage their personal initiative and experience gaining.
In 20 years of activity, Alumnus Club has offered its members and the participants in its events the occasion to engage in educational, scientific, cultural and communication projects.
Below, you may find a non exhaustive list of annual events: Metamorphoses, Youth and Museums, Art and Civilization in Monastic Spaces, Magellan and the new project developed under the auspices of the Alliance of Civilizations: Bucharest retrieved, the concerts of the National Chamber Choir Madrigal.

ALUMNUS Club was founded in 2000 and consists of young people across the 10 countries.
The Alumnus Club is part of the Romanian Federation of Associations and Clubs for UNESCO.
The club wants to offer its members opportunities to become involved in educational projects, Scientific, cultural and communication.
ALUMNUS Club aims to prepare young people in a multicultural spirit and to involve them in activities that help them in personal and professional development.