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  Dear Madam Speaker, Ladies and Gents, It is a great honor for me to participate today in the celebration of a decade of activities of UNESCO Club of Belgrade. At the same time it is a pleasure, because for me it is the first time that I visit Belgrade. When Ms. Milica President Dromnjakovic, told me to […]


  • Dear Madam Speaker,

Ladies and Gents,

It is a great honor for me to participate today in the celebration of a decade of activities of UNESCO Club of Belgrade. At the same time it is a pleasure, because for me it is the first time that I visit Belgrade.
When Ms. Milica President Dromnjakovic, told me that I have come before you with a speech, I thought about the idea to try to do my discour captivating you and present activities of the European Federation of Associations, Centres and Clubs for UNESCO that I represent for this match.

But this is what the European Federation of Associations, UNESCO Clubs and Centres?

I want to briefly historical small. In 1999, Romania had to call Florence constitution of this organization. At that time there were already regional federations to Arab countries, in Africa and Asia. We created a working group for 2 and a half years has met and prepared for the Congress of Constitutions all necessary documents.
The creation of this federation was held in 2001 en Roumanie, à Busteni, Romania acting as a key player in the establishment of this organization.

A more 10 years Congress Constitution, last year during the National Day of Romania, Presidency was awarded to us after 15 years of activity constantly in motion clubs, centers and associations in Europe and North America. At the same time the Executive Board of the FEACU consists of representatives of: Romania, Cyprus, Russia, Greece, Italy, Belarus, Spain, Serbia and Portugal. It was a great pleasure for me and I announced before the election that Romania will support the candidacy of Serbia and I did this knowing the remarkable personality of Milica and bearing in mind the friendship between our countries since many years. Serbian-Romanian diplomatic relations seniority 134 years.

For this anniversary event I am presenting today I prepared a journal in which I present the activity that Romania has conducted this year under the auspices of the FEACU.

I would just like to briefly go through: the organization of the International Conference on the 5th “Youth and Museums”, participation in the First China-Europe Forum, project organization “Metamorphoses” for its 5th edition, International Symposium Passport to Global Ethic one-UNESCO and the Private Sector, the Executive Council FEACU 2013, Symposium Art and Civilizations in the monastic spaces, presentation Passport for Global Ethic for the 37th General Conference of UNESCO in Paris.
To teach this discourse I invite you to follow all the video projections prepared at the 3rd Congress of the FEACU December 2012 and symposium on the theme UNESCO and the Private Sector organized the occassion of the Executive Board in September EFUCA 2013 à Bucarest.

To conclude I would like to get an invitation. This is an invitation from the Alumnus Club for UNESCO of which I am President, to sign a partnership between the organization and the UNESCO Club of Belgrade. My proposal is to base the development of bilateral relations that lead to a better understanding of the other. The partnership between the two clubs may find themselves in activities starting with 2014 having as theme the educational and cultural activities under the banner of UNESCO.
On behalf of the European Federation and on behalf of the Romanian Federation through the Club Alumnus, dear Madam Speaker, Milica Dromnjakovic I wish to offer you a work of art specially prepared for this event. By means of the artist Valeria Tofan I bring you the message of Happy Celebration for the UNESCO Club of Belgrade with many beautiful creations in the hope of a better world.


Alumnus Club for UNESCO is an organization created in the year 2000, that gathers for more than a decade and a half members from 10 countries.
Alumnus Club for UNESCO is part of the Romanian federation of UNESCO Associations, Centers and Clubs, and implicitly of the World and European Federations for UNESCO. The club is formed mainly by young students, and its aim is to offer its members the opportunity to get involved in projects aimed at developing their experience in the selected field of study.
Through its UNESCO affiliation, the Alumnus Club has access to an important network of information regarding the activities developed in domains such as education, science, culture and communication.
The main purpose of the organization is that of training young people in a multicultural manner, through projects that aim at involving them in activities that encourage their personal initiative and experience gaining.
In 15 years of activity, Alumnus Club for UNESCO has offered its members and the participants in its events the occasion to engage in educational, scientific, cultural and communication projects.
Below, you may find a non exhaustive list of annual events: Metamorphoses, Youth and Museums, Art and Civilization in Monastic Spaces, Magellan and the new project developed under the auspices of the Alliance of Civilizations: Bucharest retrieved, the concerts of the National Chamber Choir Madrigal.

ALUMNUS Club pentru UNESCO a fost fondat in anul 2000 and consists of young people across the 10 countries. The club wants to offer its members opportunities to become involved in educational projects, Scientific, cultural and communication. Alumnus Club for UNESCO aims to prepare them young people in a multicultural spirit and to engage in activities that help them come in personal and professional development.